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Our Concept

  • The Origin of Excellent Medical

    Based on clinical trials at the Daimyo-machi Skin Clinic, we explore highly effective cosmetic products and supplements. Through that process, we’ve been able to find out more about many products that help customers remedy issues that concern them.

    We want to bring the information we obtain together with patients to a bigger and broader clientele. We want to bring great products to all people looking for assured quality.

    With this aspiration, we established a company that carries out an online sales business with a focus on products sold exclusively by medical organizations: Excellent Medical.

  • The Passion and Persistence of Excellent Medical

    What we placed importance on when selecting products is the level of safety and high effectiveness of these products.
    Our thinking was that we need to be absolutely persistent when it comes to quality, as customers are going to be using products continuously in order to maintain better beauty and health for themselves.

    Under the advice of Dr. Shintaro Hashimoto, Director of the Daimyo-machi Skin Clinic, with whom we work together with, we select only products that we are absolutely confident in from a medical standpoint, as well as in terms of prolific clinical studies to back them up. We provide customers with trusted products that will assist them in improving their quality of life.

  • Aiming for Beautiful Skin in Tandem with Customers

    “I’m not sure which product will suit me…”
    “I need to know more details…”
    For customers with these concerns, we provide online shopping that allows us to firmly meet their detailed demands. What you get when you buy online from us is service that is personalized.

    Based on the latest cosmetic information we’ve set up a framework where customers can consult with us at ease.

    In pursuit of essential health and beauty, we introduce products that are safer and more effective from a medical standpoint.

Main Businesses

Development of Doctor-approved Items

Together with clinics and research centers, this business deals with the development of our own products.
More than anything, our focus has been on products that feature three elements; they are natural, safe and scientifically proven.
The only products we provide are those which are safe and also backed up with pharmaceutical data obtained through clinical trials.

Aesthetic Medical Lab

The priority of the Aesthetic Medical Lab is to bring customers closer to the products available in the market. We’ve opened a research lab whose purpose is to make clear the medical basis of products. We provide customers with information concerning the scientific basis of products as well as results from clinical trials among other studies that show the effects of primarily our own products.

Clinic Operations

A cosmetic surgery clinics, medical laser hair removal specialist clinic and drip infusion center designed to help customers provide maintenance for their bodies are three types of clinics we’re running in order to provide multifaceted cosmetic medicine.

Online Sales

We sell doctor-approved products online through our website and at major shopping malls.
At our store in the Rakuten Ichiba online marketplace, we’ve won the Rakuten Shop of the Area Award for four years in a row. This award proves that we are at the top in terms of our sales and share within the marketplace.

Corporate Department

We enter into agreements with both aestheticians and medical organizations that are ambitiously working to improve people’s health and beauty. Through such agreements, we conduct wholesaling of safe, high-quality doctor-approved products that heighten the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures, and allow customers to maintain their beauty and health. We help people be beautiful using products that they will truly be satisfied with.
Using the know-how we have regarding the running of clinics, we also provide sound advice to corporate clients.

Confidently Bringing You Truly Wonderful Products

Based on concerns and queries received from customers regarding beauty care, we work together with clinics and the Aesthetic Medical Lab in order to develop original products consisting of doctor-approved cosmetics and supplements.

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Clinic Operations

Medical Beauty Center

his nip-and-tuck specialist clinic assists customers with both quick-acting and long-term solutions for their problems without the use of a scalpel.

The Fukui Laser Center

This medical laser specialist clinic came to be with the aim of providing customers with permanent hair removal that is both safe and sound.

Drip Infusion Center

This clinic provides what are referred to as “direct supplements” wherein intravenous drips are used to directly deliver active health and beauty substances to the body of a recipient.


At Excellent Medical, we provide doctor-approved cosmetics and supplements. Up to now, we’ve provided doctor-approved items to over 480,000 customers all over Japan.

These products were developed in tandem with specialist doctors and medical organizations. They contain a high proportion of active ingredients when compared to those sold commercially. We know that it’s important choose products properly in line with the skin and health conditions of our customers. That’s why we don’t provide just any products, we strive to provide each and every customer with finely-tuned products and services.

Going forward, we also want to provide customers with the real deal in terms of carefully selected products that improve their skin and bodily health in tandem with both customers and advisors. With this aim, we will provide tried-and-true products that are carefully selected and proven to work according to various data and clinical trials.

CEO of the Excellent Medical Co.Ltd.
Dr.& Director of the Daimyo-machi Skin Clinic
Shintaro Hashimoto


Graduated from Kanazawa University School of Medicine in 1994. In the same year, entered the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kanazawa University School of Medicine and worked at many hospitals through the ikyoku system . Experienced in research and clinical trials in the area of obstetrics and gynecology and cosmetic dermatology. Opened the Daimyo-machi Skin Clinic in 2000. Started Excellent Medial in 2001.

● The Japanese Society for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Coordinator)
● CAM Scholarship Physician, Japanese Society for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
● Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Full member)
● Japanese Society of Hair Surgery and Medicine (Full member)
● Japanese Association of Aesthetic Medicine, Inc. (Associate member)
● Certified Mammography Interpreting Physician
● Long-Term Care Support Specialist

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[Business Hours] Weekdays 9am-6pm

[Tokyo Office]
11-9, Yotsuyahonshiocho, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, 160-0003, JAPAN

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